About Jack Wong Sue

Jack Wong SueThis site is dedicated to the memory of Jack Sue, one of Australia’s world war two heroes who lived as one of Australia’s most loved and popular sons.
Born in Perth Western Australia on 12 September 1925, Jack lived a very full and active life until he suffered a crippling stroke while undergoing open heart surgery in April 1997. Aged 72 with a paralysed right side, he wrote a book of his war memoirs as a secret agent with Z Special Unit (often referred to as Z Special Force), behind Japanese lines in Borneo 1945.
In 1950, Jack Sue was awarded Australia’s Distinguished Conduct Medal for his bravery against the Japanese enemy in WW2 Borneo 1945.
His book Blood on Borneo became an instant bestseller. The first edition of 2500 copies sold out in the first 5 days. With more than 17,000 sales to its credit, this Australian bestseller book is a regular seller that unexpectedly, has enjoyed a large audience of readers from both genders.
Post WW2, Jack’s love of the sea saw him as one of Western Australia’s scuba diving pioneers. He opened Western Australia’s first diving retail outlet in 1951 where the Jack Sue Diving School was the biggest training organisation in WA for more than 30 years.
In 2004, Jack Sue and his co-author son Barry wrote and published an updated version of Jack’s earlier 1975 book titled Ghost of the Alkimos, another Australian bestseller that sparked the tales and experiences of those who fell victim to Western Australia’s ghost ship, the Alkimos.
The Alkimos housed some of the scary true ghost stories that included a mysterious murder suicide that was hushed up for many years. To this day, there are those who still claim real ghost sightings and experiences on the beach opposite the Alkimos shipwreck site, just north of Perth Western Australia.
This site is dedicated to the memories of Jack Sue, his life and his books (that support charity), who for more than 30 years; lived as an Australian household name.